How to get BackBreaker?


I want to clarify 1 question.
I have an account. 150 lvl, very old (has a pumpkin perk), but I can’t get an BackBreaker. I’ve been trying to get this thing for months. They give me many other epic ones, but they don’t give me an BackBreaker! How to deal with it? I can not play without him.


Well, you can only get it from item boxes, just like any other item… And nobody is “giving” you items, you are getting items.


do you want to say this random? What is it that he is strange!



I don’t understand what do you mean by that. Could you explain it a little better?


Дроп рандомный, просто продолжай играть, фармить, открывать паки. Рано или поздно выпадет


The chances of getting him are slim, since he’s L-M item, so just keep looking for it, that it shall come to you…


Dude u r wrong

Backbreaker is not an L-M item


Back Breaker is E-M, not L-M.


hablas de este, hubo una época que solo esos me salían de estos


Sorry, i mistook it for the drone… :man_facepalming:


u have to break your back


yoo hu it was worth writing here and for the weekly tournament I got my ax))) hooray and thanks to all)


Lol, поздравляю!


Thanks ))