How to get a girlfriend



Am i really that boring?


i didnt mean she
i mean shy as shy lol


taking a hostage preferably some1 close


that will actually work as u can get extra cash too


Helo franships. 8 months later and im still >tfwnogf


Quit playing these games


gg ez griLfriEnD uNloCked


I’ve not always played these games. And after quitting bd i didnt play anything for a good few months before starting playing SM


Be rich. You don’t even need to talk then


To get a girlfriend, the first step is to stop asking “how could I possibly get a girlfriend?”


Well that sounds like bad advice. If i dont ask, how will i know?


That comes alone, you do not need advice. A day simply happens, when you least expect it.


dont get a girlfriend, such a waste of time and money. get a waifu instead.


My advice- Don’t event try. They drink our money and then leave us! Vampires they r

Unless the girl comes to u it’s not worth it


I already have a waifu. And a anime body pillow. I was referring to a 3d human girl with this post.


I don’t know if you are actually serious for advice and I know that we don’t get along but my advice is “Just ask them out”. Or you can talk to your dad



i have a better advice than all these people , just mummify the girl u like and keep her in a freezer that way she will be with you forever and wont even age.


Well the issue with “just ask them out” is i have 0 confidence and a low self-esteem.

Not much i can do with 1.5 inches unless i get surgery

I’ve already answered Pyro on his question. Even without these games, no dice.

I am not going to use chloroform. That’s only legal in Egypt, where Youssefkh is from

I already answered Zealot’s suggestion about being rich. Im a poor people and no way will i become rich in the near future.

Merciful is correct tho. 3D girlfriends are a waste of time and money. But i just feel so lonely.


You’ve got it all wrong, it’s:

Battle Dawn, Super Mechs


u gotta be able to risk it all and do illegal things to show her ur love kaen