How to get a girlfriend


there’s been this decade-long question (for me, at least), and that’s “how could i possibly get a girlfriend?” plz gib suggestions, lads

Guys i need help a girl just asked me out
>implying we can discuss catfish

Find a girl whose single.
Try starting a conversation with here.
Chat with her in regular interval
Slowly talk to her everyday…
Share about your day’s experience.
How did your day went… n stuff.
Slowly once you chat everyday. Beginning flirting.
One fine day when you are good enough close to her, Where she herself talks to you everyday(I mean messages you about her day herself and not when you ask her)
Ask her for a hangout
And plan a good proposal for her and propose.
Make sure you dont be too quick and not too late
Coz if you be late you may end up friendzoned
(I dunno if this works for your country but this is for mine)
Moreover this is for long term relationships.
And not a short termed.
For short termed.
Go to bar, find for a girl whose all alone, ask her if you can join.
And then ask her out for a date.
And you are good if she’s single


that’s the part that’s a roadblock for me. step 2


i can’t do the other steps if im unable to surpass step 2


The girl knows you? Or you are totally unknown to her?



usually it’s a girl that i dont know. altho i do have difficulty talking to girls i do know as well


all these answers are stupid best way to do it?


that is illegal. why do you constantly feel the need to troll serious topics, Youssefkh?


For girls u know - Dont land of dating/flirting from starting. Talk about any other topic, like any trending topic around and stuff. Any topic other than flirting
Eg. Am a student - So I girls I know are my school mates. So I may talk about Notes or else any scene or gossip of school.

For girls u dont know- Try to find a connection, Like any of your friend’s friend? or something… But that slowly you can begin conversation.
In beginning you will feel shy.
But u’ll be comfortable later on


Why do you feel the need to ask for dating advice on a browser based strategy game forum?


it’s called desperation, Jaek.



well, idk how confidence works. its the same thing as telling someone that got shot “stop feeling pain” or someone that has deppression “stop being deppressed” everyone says “be more confident” but idk how to do that. i just cant say a word when i’m in front of an attractive girl irl


only illegal if u get caught though


The picture was sarcasm HURRR.

Maybe you’re just dumb, no reason to freak out in front of the girl, worst case scenario she’ll say no.

Also you’re gonna need to go out with a girl for a good 1-2 months before you ask her to be your girlfriend. Otherwise you just come off as a creep to some girls.


Thank you, Jaek. You’ve been very helpful.


It depends from which country you belong.
No single technique works globally & you can be in deeeeeeep trouble if you use any particular method which was intended for west & you end up using it in Asian countries.

The videos on Youtube which are mostly from US, if I follow those in my country, I’ll fail 100% + there is a good chance that the girl/woman will register a case of molestation/sexual harassment against me with the cops, also i’ll get a slap right on my face & oh yes not to forget the public present there will beat me brutally on the streets before handing me to the cops.


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:it is because most of indian dont trust love :laughing:


Indians are not that open, cool minded people I believe.Not just Indians but Asians in general. Even in those videos on youtube, if they try all that stuff on a girl from Asia they don’t get the best reaction like their white counterpart & that part of the video ends up in extras/reveals which are posted on vlogchannels & not in the main video which is uploaded on main channel.