---HOW TO GET 225,000 IN 10 MINUTES 💰 ---


the image explains everything :v

it occurred to me when I noticed that more than 225k was inverted by maxing >:v


Most of us did it this way already, but thank you for showing


It doesn’t work for me…


is for those who have not done it :v


And now the devs will find a fix for this


topic title sounds like a scam ad

also getting 200 santa hats is a pain for my fingers


It not work for me I can’t use christmas hat to update :frowning:
Wait why I haven’t changed my avatar…


Why do you need this? Something always needs upgrading, lol, just buy some boxes and upgrade something


And that’ll result in you spending more than the result


oh my god… … … … … … … i already did this thanks for the reminder


Doing this way saves money. You’ll earn nore with the reward.
Plus, buying boxes will usually end up you spending more than what the achievement will give.


I think that from remembering one thing lets me try to remember … I remembered I posted this trick in the other conquest of this and as the tactisoft fanboy said that killin said that he will fix this bug so he does not say anything to him. good


I have like 800 unclaimed boxes so I don’t need to buy a single box :b


why are you posting it here ? you want the devs to patch up your tricks ?


I wish I could save boxes. As soon as I go over my limit they disappear.


Sadly…Our tricks…