How to forget all the anger?

I’m half suicidal and half pissed off, should I just end my life? (Not a joke)

People are assholes sometimes and I cant do anything so pretty much ending my life is the only option

Don’t man…

never give up, find your hobby, pursue it and beat everyone else

End it now, you’ll never embrace the full experience of life, so don’t end it. Tell us your problem, and find a way around it. Every problem has a solution. Every life has a meaning. Make yours count.

Don’t bro just ignore them.

Just find something you excel in and pursue it. We all have these moments, it’s okay.

Those jerks won’t gain anything in life if they persist with their behavior. Take a philosophical look on life, get into nature, and do what makes you feel proud.

We all have potential, you just need to tap into it.


channel it into your work

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Lol kill whoever is causing you to feel anger. Ezpz. It works for us Russians.


In other countries you go to jail 4 that


In Soviet Russia you go to GULAG

I support suicide get a drink tonight we gonna fly

Yes Bananas are very good, I like them