How To Fight :: None of that Weebie Kickie Shit



  • kung Fu is unnatural
  • Throw Rocks and shit because we have thumbs unlike stupid animals
  • jump and bite, don’t punch and kick
  • put them in a state of shock, use the element of surprise granted by unnatural fight ettiquette
  • use you instinct to bite and go for weak points like the neck and genitals (how woman are able to overpower men in nature)
  • act like a wild animal, it will freak the brainwashed “civilised” thugs the ■■■■ out, as it disturbs all of us when we see a wild boar or any wild animal in distress


Seem useful I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


So instead of using martial arts it’s better to run around like a autist and hope people will ■■■■ off? Lmao, good luck with that


no, you don’t run around at all. you jump on the person. the force of your whole body will overpower even the strongest man’s punch and you will be at his neck and face. you then either bite into his neck or bite his ear and pull downwards with force. this will get you the initial shock you need to move on to either grabbing his balls and tugging tightly while digging your nails in or gauging the eyes. or if you preffer combos knee the balls repeatedly while guaging eyes. you can either fight to the death if you believe he will recover and come after you or you can leave him in shock and escape.

how does this at all amount to running aroun like an autist? if anything its much more static than martial arts as you simply thrust yourself on thre opponent do damage and get out. none of the prancy kickie shit of martial arts. irl you want to simply build up strength and then execute these “dirty” tactics in a situation of true danger, dont waste time learning all the different kicks and punches to inflict on strong points, it will not serve you irl and will waste time. only reason to learn martial arts is if its a hobby, but for self defense simply bulk up and be in tune to your natural instincts.


You know very much about natural fights…


we all do if we become in tune with our natural selves, not the brainwashed version (((society))) has implemented.

most valuable of all of course is using tools such as sharp or heavy objects in your immediate environement, but if this is not available these dirty tactics are much more effective than punching or kicking muscle tissue. punches = broken knuckles; kicks = vulnerable stance. teeth = sharp knives nature has given you and paired with strong jaw muscles. accept nature’s gifts, not man made inventions.


i dont really get the point of this but i ma still go with it


when you are jumping on somebody they could just simpy do a hook into your stomach and boom, vomits coming

force will spread out more, punch is acumulated to a fist so it will do more

would just leave a mark, may start bleeding a bit, human jaw isn’t powerfull enough to take a bite like that

Would work definitely

Why would you do that? I get that there are dangerous people everywhere but commiting a murder is too much, beating someone up in act of self defence is rational but that isn’t

The fact that they tend to ram everybody

There is one very simlair thing called krav maga

Most of them


by closing the distance imediately they arent given as much of a swing firstly, but even if they get a good punch, you can recover from a punch relatively fast as demonstrated by the need to throw repeated punches.

not true at all. you can just google footage of ears being bitten off. the human jaw and teeth are made to be able to tare through thick animal hide right off the animal’s body. even the tough muscle tissue can be torn thjrough, weak parts such as ear would be especially easy toi tear. in terms of the neck, its such a valuable spot that the degree to which your teeth can dig in will do a lot of damage. if you get the jugular and really tare away at it you could definitely kill them. this is the most common hunting strategy used by all animals, just because humans developed tools doesnt mean we dont still possess the ability to rip away at an animal’s jugular with our jaw.

if you feel it has become safe to run, you should run, but if you dont feel safe doing so, continue fighting to the death if needed. I did stipulate that if you feel safe in escaping, you should.

krav maga is very different from the oriental flashy martial arts and quite respectable as it is a very practical martial art. it involves very real life situations such as escaping choke holds, disarming someone pointing a gun at you, breaking free from chains etc. I mostly reffer to the idea that learning complicated kicks and working on leg flexibility like in karate or taekwando will serve people well if all they’re looking for is self defense. there’s much cheaper and more time effective ways to prepare yourself for self-defense than these disciplines.

precisely, hobbies not real self-defense methods.


I have fought once like this… Well, they didn’t even wanted to fight because I was “crazy” ._.

But normally, I would just One-Punch them in the temple. (The face / crotch, and plus I was the strongest puncher in my colleagues)


If someone bites me or trys to rip my ear off or comes at me with hair like that I’ll just shoot them simple enough for me. I also dont need kungfu :rofl:


If you carry a gun with you everywhere you go you’re in the vast minority and you would win no matter what martial art or dirty techniques your opponent used. Unless of course they’re able to disarm you which happens very frequently to those who simply buy a gun and think of it as the only step necessary in self defense.


I didn’t say my plan didn’t have flaws, and a gun is only the last ditch effort in self preservation. Many people dont realize that you cant just shoot someone for punching you.


In America perhaps but in Britain you can’t buy any automatics meaning no pistols at all are legal. You need to go through strict liscensing procedures to get hunting rifles which are single shot bolt action and you absolutely under no circumstances carry it with intent to use it as a weapon o self defense. If someone breaks into your house and you shoot them you’re prosecuted for pre meditated murder. Our country’s self defence laws are fucked.


Ours aren’t much better anymore, if someone breaks into your house you cant really do anything except call for help unless the person has shown intent to do bodily harm with a weapon of some sort. Even then you’re possibly going to be sued or arrested. If you wound the person they can sue you, if you kill them their family will sue you, if they had a realistic fake gun you’re probably going to jail…