How to farm Bosses (Guide)


autoplay=my life in 1 word


Wait, so will i get higher chance of black box if I reload the page before I go into the box screen or before I click on the box itself?


catch up on the forum dude. BTW it only works if you actually have a rank


Most helpful reply I have ever seen, 10/10


reviving this cuz I turned regular and am going to make it a wiki


Yeah I know. I hate it when that happens. I think they use it when you are at 80% or lower hp. It is annoying as bull crap and I would use it if I was at 50% or lower. Auto pilot is SO annoying when it comes to repair kits.


Many new players will find this really helpful , have my heart !


what do u mean with “reloading” before open boxes?


What this “points” are?


Agreed. The bot will die if you barely make it through the level. STUPID AUTOPILOT!!! I USED 12 FUEL POINTS FOR YOU TO WIN!!!


1 year has passed since the autopilot !!! How fast time has passed … and how many things happened to me in 1 year …