How to farm Bosses (Guide)


So does anybody have trouble with farming bosses? If so, this is the place to find help.

Ramboy (Dry Lands)

You can’t really go wrong here, just make sure that you have at least 600 hp if you want to farm on insane

EXTERMINATOR (Scavenger Pass)

Make sure to have enough energy to take on the boss, as a low tier mech will easily be beaten by EXTERMINATOR. Also, make sure to have 800 - 1000 health for insane farming. Note that this one does not give better stuff than ramboy.

Cyber Goat (Silent Waters)

This one is a physical mech, so have lots of health ready to go. As for the minions, make sure to have a good energy cap. Other than that, the drop rate is still bad. Just use a heat mech for this one. Desolation, Dawnblaze, and reckoning should do the job for Cyber Goat

Molotov (Frozen Abyss)

Lots of physical minions. Make sure to have lots of health, and/or resistance. Once you clear out the stuff, it seems a lot smaller than it looked. Also the first boss area that can deal over 100 dmg without you letting it. The boss is heat based, so make sure to have a good heat cap, and try to worry too much about MOLOTOV

Sabertooth (Lost Valley)

This zone is straight up energy stuff. Make sure to have good cap and regen. Suggest grimreaper tors for this one. As for the boss, the same rules still apply, but don’t use autopilot to stay out of energy break trouble. Still, go for a heat mech on this one, as one shutdown is merely 88 on normal. I would suggest about 1.5K health for insane farming.

Senior Quads (Danger Zone)

Once again, all physical. you just need a lot of health and resistance. Make sure to have 2k health for insane farming. The boss, Senior Quads, is very weak with heat. a dual CL combo will shut it down.

The last one we all know and love, but not might be the most efficient.

Bigboy (Overlords Den)

Heat or energy mech. At least 2.5K health for insane farming. Don’t use autopilot. Mech has to be at least rank 10 - 5 tier to farm on normal. Box drops are bad. If reload before open boxes, high chance for black box. Make sure to use heat pusher…

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You should add: “If you want to beat Overlord Den Boss in insane , don´t use autopilot, the pilot plays poorly and loses almost always.”


kk I’ll look into it.


The “don’t use autopilot” applies only for insane, I farm sometimes on hard with auto on and no troubles so far


Than good for u. Mine always uses the repair kits too early


Just get a heat pusher build, focus on high HP, high heat cap (~440) and multi or heat resist


Well, I also, when I go with autopilot I use hard mode …


I played with 700 life in ultra difficult mode and I won easily

with me I played with 1000 of vidal 500 of heat 190 enfiamiento and a multiple module and … win!

this little friend of insurance does not have a good mech because I do not need 2000 of life to win him alone with 1400 of life he wins the 3 levels of the boss obviously I am a heat generation mech so I beat all the bosses extremely fast


What does “if reload before opening boxes, higher chance of getting fortune box” mean? Like, exit out and come back? If so, is this the case for all bosses or just BB?


He’s referring to the pvp rank bug, where while you do campaign it sets your pvp rank to 25 (or whatever is lowest). You wanna reload the game after you’ve defeated everything but BEFORE you finish the mission, that’ll fix your pvp rank. And this is important because pvp rank = better boxes.


I messaged tacticsoft support about this and they said it’s a visual bug and has no effect on drop rates. Whether that’s true or not, I can say I’ve done it both ways many times and does not seem to be better drop rate after reloading. I think it’s a myth


Started testing this theory, after entire energy tank (69 points) I noticed something interesting. In my opinion the game somehow loops at the last mission pattern. And by using the word pattern I mean the layout of pickups, the layout of starting positions and the pattern of box drop. Done 5 runs, and first 3 were identical: 2 repair kits only, exact same starting positions and NO BOX at all. Then I failed once (ass kicked) and the pattern changed. But in general, after 69 points used on BB with page reload I landed the total of 6 items! Not boxes, but items. Received just 2 boxes, one contained 2 commons and an epic, the other 2 rares and 1 common. I will stick to regular grinding, with no page reload. Thank you very much.


BB is easy to farm with physical on insane, especially with my 2.3k physical dual Annihilation.


all the mech minions are push mechs… so dual anni would require you to jump after using hook and charge


Hook/Charge/Teleport gets you at range 1-2. 3 uses to get to close range is enough.


charge get you at range 2, range one if the enemy is stuck to a corner and can’t be knocked back ^^


Playing bosses is not worth, i’d reccoment to play the last mission before the boss. Will give like the same resources for less fuel.


Fair enough! Don’t have time to do much testing myself, so I guess I’ll wait and see.


so if you get a fortune box from normal can you get another fortune box from normal?


Yes, you can. However, it is not the droprate that is important, but the quality of items. And I tested it. And believe me, the quality of items on Big Boy insane is 2-3 times better than on Ramboy insane, and up to 5 times better than RB normal. There is just no comparison… So the higher the level, the more FUSION POINTS in boxes you receive. Tested. Confirmed. End of story.