How to delete forum account?

the title states it all. I want to delete this account since it is no longer needed. I don’t see the option… …

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You cant delete theres no way to buddy sorry

failed to read the title… unless you know how… . … .

Im telling u there is no way to deleet your account there is no way man the others will tell u the same thing dummy

So you don’t know how… why are you replying?

A mod or an admin can delete your account. I’ll have to check with an admin though on what our policy is.

We do also have an option of suspending an account. It will not allow you to login but the account will still exist in case you change your mind in the future.

1.Change your email to something you don’t know the password to
2.Close your eyes and change your password by fast typing
3.Log Out and Voila! you just deleted your account from your own mind!


And you keep your personal information as an email address. etc.?

Personal data is sold, what guarantee do I have that you will not give my data to anyone?

Tacticsoft word? You see… the Tacticsoft word is not credible.

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That is literally illegal and is noted on the forum privacy policy that they don’t do that.

If you wanna make claims like that pursue some legal action and get some actual evidence.

I’m glad lunatic conspiracy theorists like this are leaving.

if you’re honestly at the point where as an adult you’re creating these conspiracy theories of the secret money grabbing agenda of a fucking indie games company then you need to take some time out to re-evaluate yourself and in the mean time I’ll enjoy being free of your second hand toxicity.

I have worked in companies all my life. I can assure you that there are advertising companies, banks and even political parties that buy personal data.

Or when you get spam to your email … have you ever wondered how they know your personal email address?

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You can delete forum accounts
Go to preferences >Account setting
down below there’s a tiny red button which says delete account

Not for trust level 3 and above