How to defeat T. rex mark I

Get a gorilla,a claw,8 platinum plates for health
For the weapons use back breaker,but it is better if you can use war hammers Note:you need two of them
For drone use void
You need a teleport and a grappling hook

Now,during the fight,teleportport to either edge and use your grappling hook.Pull out your drone and attack the T. rex.The T. rex will stomp twice.After you pulled out your drone,for the rest of the game,attack twice and cool down if needed.With this strategy you can do tons of damage to the T. rex

No,you get 8 Platinum Plates…

Why the…
Okay,you lost me here.

Dude,you realize you ould use Void,right?It does resistance drain and it will benefit you for the long run…And since you have 8 PLATINUM PLATES (hahaha) this will be a very long run.

It seems you don’t want your drone to deal 600 damage,huh?


Because you will be at 1 range for most of the fight

And…Is Void any different from Hurlbat regarding range…?


And I suggest something else,if were still going extreme.

Heat torso,a vest if possible paired up with a resistance module (L-M,don’t bother with E-M,otherwise you’re better off using another plate).A gorilla works but,for longer than 10 turns,the Vest is the only one who won’t be at negative 100 resistance.Less health,but more durability nonetheless.

:exclamation: Be smart :exclamation:

One heat engine or,even better,a cooling booster to better sustain you for the long run (less shutdowns -> more damage over a longer period - which you’ll aim for).

Void for the drone as it will already deal more damage that any other drone by the end of your 6th turn.

Rest plates for the modules.6 plates is ideal HP.

Do the teleport thing,you don’t need a grapple.Your plates already weight 240 which is enormous but you are probably going to be able to use a grapple since your weapons don’t weight much.Fun fact;unless they fixed it,I remember Grappling Hooks didn’t work on Titans.

Now,some may be tempted to use a Dual SeraphBlade,but the heat cost is too much for you to afford it.You may have extra cooling but,the more turns you lose,the less damage you do - all while your HP is constantly being drained,wether you attack or use the turn to cool off.

Instead,use a Seraph and a War Hammer,or even two War hammers (you can still afford the wight over BackBreaker).

Although,by using two War Hammers,you may just drain yourself of energy,since you have no mods and you consume more than what you can regen.I dib it’s gonna last at least 10 full turns though and,when you cool down,you’re also cutting energy cost.SO I think two War Hammers are sustainable for around 15-20 turns after all,which may just be the length of the battle.

Now,you can also use Res Breakers if you have any before you get into the CQB.If you don’t have any occasion to use them,so probs,since they’re fillers because of your weight.Doesn’t hurt to have them as they don’t cost anything from your emch,but could help;either way,you got nothing to lose.

This is what I suggest:

But then again,I don’t play Titan.And when i do,I only do like 15k with a mech that’s clearly not suitable for it since I can’t be bothered.

Someone that does 200k damage gets as much of a reward as someone who did 20k so what’s the point,everyone?


To help your clan

This text will be blurred

You help your clan by doing a good amount of damage and letting everyone get their share,instead of doing 5x the damage someone else does while it’s for the same amount of Clan Coins.

You have much to learn…

I can defeat T-Mex with 1,500 hp, trust me platplates and gorilla are not needed.

You can hook titan? :thinking:

Only titans that can move themselves e.g. T.Mex and Godmode

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Ant mech also