How to deal with Quitters

Within the above topic I suggested that achievements be added to recognise those that never quit and rewards those that stick it out rather than taking the quick escape. Therefore I have created a poll below to get an idea of what people think of this idea compared to others.

  • Quitters should be punished in some way, be it time outs, coins or tokens.
  • Players should be rewarded for never quitting with achievements for coins, tokens or even a new colour.
  • The reward for losing should be increased to stop people quitting.
  • I have my own suggestion that I’ve added below.

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I freaking love my new picture . Also yes this is a very nice and original idea pls vote @everyone

I like the:

“Players should be rewareded for never quitting with achievements for coins, tokens or even a new colour”

“The reward for losing should be increased to stop people quitting”

quitters shouldnt be punished…
its their choice, they just should get options to dont do… :slight_smile:

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Public flailing, riping of toes, branding with hot iron, collar with chain and spikes…
This plaque of quiting is the real killer of the game.
This is the single thing that has deiven so many top player away from this gem of a game.
There is absolutly no doubt that the quiter must be punished…
Stone them to death, for they alone have stolen the most from the honest players that have suported this game… the 1700 gold/ battle is a loss so great to us humble and honest guys… that this maddness must be stop.
Sarcasm at it’s best.
Thank you.


If it falls to a punishment on the quitters behalf make it so each time they quit the game blocks their ability to quit for 2 games. So yes they have a choice, a choice to pay for their cowardess…

Haha 2 for 1 sale, benefit goes to the loyal players.

You know my secret to making players not quit on me? Deliberating making my Mech not as strong as it could be. Reducing my hp from 2000+ to 1666 especially, but also not using all Mythic weapons.

Why does this make people not quit on me? Because they go into the fight with a fair chance and actual possibility to win, so they play it out.

Sure it means I auto lose against mythic, especially full mythic, Mechs, but oh well I just quit on them the same way someone rank 2 or low rank 1 still using epics instant quits on me. But that’s a small price to pay, because that mythic/full mythic portion of players is such a tiny percentage of the player base, and there are loads more players who aren’t even using 1 mythic.

So I’ll say it again, if you want people to stop instant quitting, level the playing field. No one instant quits when they have a fair change or an advantage, they quit when they have zero hope.

Players that disagree with the fight terms after accepting them should be result a 10 token cost as a purchase.

Quitting should cost 10 tokens but not during the conquest mode.

The player that accepted the terms and never left should be compensated with those tokens and it should also be doubled.

how about letting quitters fight other quitters?

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That’s acceptable, they’ll face their own nightmare except it isn’t possible for the system to right away have that feature available yet.

How about a 5 minute ban on pvp fights. If the player quits again, extra 2 minutes are added on the original 5 minutes. Honestly, I feel like it’s better to give the opponent rewards instead of punishing quitters as they have their own reasons to quit.

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All I do when they quit is quit before they do which is ok, no cost for this would be great, never mind then but then, they’re giving me 20 tokens, who could pass that off?

Any questions ?


I dont think that all forum members can speak german -.-

Why is everyone so hell bent on punishing quitters? When all should be done is give out a win reward regardless of combat time / turns.

Then people can quit as many times as they fancy and the other party will get their win rewards.


How about a penalty for quitting a fight like 2, 5, 10, 30 etc… minutes of -20% exp and -20% SM gain for each consecutive quit?



People just quit cause of unfair conditions of fight.

Indeed but i still dont understand why people quit.
They would get some gold and xp.

Punishment isn’t the right way. It will only drive people away from PvP…
Yes RalphyBoy you are right… the power gap is huge atm.
Even between eavenly matched oponents, the 2 myth modules (plate and protector) have a huge impact on mech builds, the one that has the most … wins.

yeah, but knowing that the other one will make you lose more time, and he wont get anything, its more fun then to quit