How to connect Kongregate account to regular Supermech account?


As the title states, how do you do this? I have lots of stuff on the kongregate account.


You can’t. :no_mouth:


You can. Send a message to support and they can tell you how!


I was told by support that I could not combine my kongregate account with my account @Sarah247 that’s not true? I have a lot of juicy legacy items on my kongregate I would love to feed my pink machine.


You cannot combine your accounts but you can switch your accounts to be able to play with your Kong account on or mobile platforms.


Oh I see well poop. Thanks @Sarah247 :heart:


How do you switch the accounts?


You need to write into support and they will guide you through how to make the switch.


To get to support click the gear that I put a red box around.

Then click support


I have some questions about this topic too since there is already a discussion about it.

  1. Can a player that play via and/or mobile app link the account to Kongregate account?
  2. If so, can the account be accessible via 3 locations:, mobile app and Kongregate?
  3. Can a Kongregate SuperMechs account be withdrawn from Kongregate and play only in and/or mobile app?


Let’s me answer your questions:

  1. You can swap your Kong account for a mobile/web account/
  2. No, you can access the account with your Username and Password on Web and mobile. KOng is completely separate.
  3. Yes, your Kong account will become a new account if you do the switch.


Is this stuff still possible?



@Berserk40000 @Smirk, any explanation?


Hey, we made sure we don’t miss anything
This function (transfer of the acc from the Kongregate) isn’t available :frowning:


Ouch, that’s bad :frowning:
Kongregate player can’t play through desktop version tho.
When flash dead, Kong player probably can’t play this game anymore.

Thanks anyway for your reply :slight_smile: