How to change this thing?


How do i change this? with cheat engine it remains 0 forever i wanted to change it cause i use higher level items :frowning:


… Why would you cheat engine it?


cant buy items without that white value


You mean platinum? its been a long time since ive seen those / used them


yes 20 characterssss


You need to find the value.

The easiest way is to have one amount then increase or decrease it, then check again, then increase or decrease it and keep narrowing down the results until you only have one left… So I’m told.


problem is it never changes its just 0


Then it’s a no go, unless you search for every 0 value then change it and check, then change the next one abs check until you get the right one.



20 characters


Is that an old version of SM? I don’t get that image on my screen.


You cant hack tokens but you can probably hack cost of items or boxes :slight_smile:


Everyone throwing the word “hack” around and giving it more power than it should have lol


You feel profesional when you use that word. At least me lol


Pfft, all you’re doing is editing the memory.

It’s as old as action replay and game genie cartridges.


how are you playing the old sm


I know methods other than checking increase and decrease, I may try.


just photoshop the picture



I did cheat engine for like 7 years shouldn’t be hard to bust that zero when I have time


I might mod it and give my self 999999 Platinum