How to change, Password, and Email


Many people don’t know this especially new players, some old forum user do.

Step by step:

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: In upper left corner, click “Login”
  • Step 3: Login with your User Account Name and PassWord
  • Step 4: Once Hit login, click “Return to previous Page”
  • Step 5: Then upper left corner click “User Control Panel.”
  • Step 6: Under Options, click “Profile”
  • Step 7: Under Profile, go to “edit account settings”
  • Step 8: There how you change your account.

Oh, and the email has to be a real email. Not a fake.

Just to inform those who go there, the site was acting up for me.


And tell me how you change your USERNAME

I’m telling you. You can’t.


You user name in SM, cost 100 tokens.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Info
  • Click Nick Name
  • Change it.


That’s your NICKNAME

Not your USERNAME.



What I posted earlier is how to change Username or Password. Hmm


Guess, I didn’t see that part or forgot it, because I never change my un.


Winz wants to change her username cuz he stole my acc and he not want be suspended for 1000 years.
And this is a way to hide her crimes.




So winz is female, eh. Hmm… Gotta be careful now, not to get her mad. :wink:


I’m male but I don’t care what people call me


oh, okay… Well I guess @Alejandro_Hernandez info was wrong… Sorry @Winz_Kay.






remove this screenshot bc this is your login into the game and some one can brute-force it…


Pretty sure players can change username using a certain trick but I would not advise anyone to try xD


Cliffhanger much? XD


Umm really? :))))))))))))))))))))