How to bond with your corgi


Hi typical corgi lover, if you’re not a corgi lover then you may close this topic as YOU’RE. NOT. WELCOME. (though you can read it if you want to become a corgi lover)

Okay, so I’ll give you a step-by-step instruction on how to bond with these lovely beings.

  1. Make whistling sounds or act like a psycho and roll over and act like you’re a dog. Whatever the hell you want as long as you can get its attention.

  2. Now it came nearer to you, firstly, pet it. And this is where things get a bit more weird. (but in a good way). So after petting it, lick it in the face, at it shows connection between the 2 of you. (don’t forget to sniff its butt because it means saying “Hi!”)

  3. After that, duck lower so the corgi can feel welcome, they are afraid because they’re the only ones with an incredibly cute height. (try to get at its level of height)

  4. Then bring him @Malicewolf and you’re 1 step away from making a true bond. As @Malicewolf is the grand master (but that’s still a bit anti-climatic) of corgis himself.

  5. After that, try to cut one of Malicewolf’s any parts of his body. His hair, his arm, or his leg whatever! (even his shlong :wink: )

  6. So after bringing it one of Malicewolf’s parts, it would love you as if it loved itself. Now go on and make yourself this great way of bonding with your corgi!

Or here’s an alternative way of bonding with a corgi. BECOME ONE! (but that’s a different level)



This is mildly terrifying, thanks


Shiba pictures are NOT supposed to be here! ONLY corgis. Strictly.


:sweat_smile: I prefer to keep my body parts intact! So basically, none of you will ever bond with your corgi!
runs away


I want to become a corgi. How do i do it?


To become one, you must be willing to love a corgi with all your heart. But if not, you can try to bond with a bunny. You can ask @Fluxeon about that.


I want to bond with my fluffball. But my fluffer doesnt want to bond. What should I do?



I have to admit, this is difficult