How to become a friendly player?


Both i alway try normal :smiley:


Usually player in game act aggressive if u are smashing their face


Not really I never do bad things to they but some people from nowhere came and say like they know me from 2 years ago when i just play this 8 months…


Idk about forum users… usually they attack u when their and your opinion walks on a different road…

Possible your name looks similar to an old cancer SM player… and ppl get confused


Maybe if i say ‘‘oh u look so handsome’’ they will understand my sentences in this mean “Oh u look so terrible”.The different of cultural?


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Ok thank. You help me alot :smiley:


Looks like YGGM helps community.

Helping community he has visibility. So he has higher chance than me or your to find new friends


Maybe :smiley:


imo to find new friends u have to be visible.

u can be visible being like strongest SM player(giving tips on forums/game chats). everyone will know who u are & everyone will be happy to become your friend.

u can be visible too being on forum supporting/chatting/helping.

OR making helpful/funny videos on YT


What?How?So i need to be a youtuber or strongest player?


It doesn’t always work like that, (although it certainty helps) you don’t have to be the strongest or a good sm YTer. Cause, no one can be you, so just be the best you that you can possibly be. Trust me, someone will notice


U just new to forum but u have helped me alot thank you :smiley:


Rank 5 is not good Lol


Tell that to SOME people…