How to become a friendly player?


Well… just this .
How to became a nice player and make more friend in forum.
*Better version:
How to became a friendly person in people eyes and have more friend in forum and game :smiley:
Well…It’s only thing I want ask :smiley:


git gud.


s - shell out all of your life savings
p -
e -
n -
d -

m -
o -
n -
e -
y - yes


…spend money not a good way to make friend.


What is git gud?


But the only way to become a good player.


Not really im rank 5 now and rank 3 last season
I ddon’t even spent $1 for this game …


I changed it so people understand that you mean friendly person and not good player


Um…I don’t understand.


oh… that kind of good


So ur mean is i am nice person but a not good player in game ?


no i just misunderstood what u meant at first


So what ur mean -.-


Oh i understand XD


Here’s a general frame of how to be a friendly player (or at least not an annoying player):

  1. Combine all your posts into one post. We don’t need you to post 4 times in a row to say a few sentences.

  2. LISTEN to our advice. For some reason every time we tell you something it goes past your head.

  3. Don’t make useless topics, it’s simple. When you make a topic, there has to be a good reason on why.

  4. Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is key when you’re talking to someone. Try to make your posts a bit more “readable”.

  5. Don’t be an arrogant prick. Don’t say “you’re weak” to someone just because they are a lower rank.


Ok ok :kissing_closed_eyes:
“But what should i do if a someone come and say u so fucking weak what should i do?I think I should block him but if him say that on forum what should i do just flag him to he back and say it again?”
It’s not a question it’s just a example to test, am I ok now ?


Nice tips 9/10 :slight_smile:
And ur avatar is so cute it’s make me distracting :3


I can say u have to be respctfull in game and forum.

U have to be Helpfull giving advices to new/nub players. U should be an important/a central part of this game/game knowledge


Nah i just try normal player but some player don’t like me…


Do u usually talk with players on forum or in game?