How to beat "players that call you noob all time"


Yea, those players kind of get on my nerves, yet always kick there butt. I ignore them. I feel like they think it’s funny, and they are better. Just ignore them.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nobelium uranium


One solution - git gud boi


Don t mind toxic behavior ,do as i did,i m just muting players with a toxic behavior and i m speaking just with honorable players.

About others? don t even say hi or gg,if those don t have minimal respect required during a battle.

Not everyone which play this game has manners.

Those players are less likely to get respected,why?well at leas for me,if you want respect you got to show respect.
And i,personally don t care if you are are a rank 1 player full with medals or a rank 25 who just came in the game. (At this moment there are rank 15 players which i respect way more than many of rank 1 players )


Totally agree with you :slight_smile: That person from above called me “noob” and thats fine that doesnt hurt me and that just show how mature he is :slight_smile:


If you don t mind them they will get frustrated (i can tell from my experience )

here is an example of this frustration.
And a good example of “fair play and respect” if you get my sarcasm.


Im shocked that bestplayeroftheworld called you loser. I guess that top ranks do that :confused: (if that is joke nvm then)


Everyone lose ( that s why we call them arena fights not arena wins xD )

Remember that this is just a flash game,and you don t have to prove anyone anything at all (let them run their mouths as long as they want ) .

And i m telling you one more thing,arena battles are 80% luck at this point XD it s about picking the right mech or having the right items.


Yes :slight_smile: its just a game i dont rage ( ok sometimes i do when oponnent have 1-5 hp left) and its funny to see toxic people in arena


With all the risk of going of topic,i m glad that you pointed that out.
Some friends said that too,and that s not good (read until the end ,you did nothing wrong)

Why i m saying that those things are bad?cause since bestplayer is representative for the image of top ranks and since he rules a top 3 clan.

And that s what i hate,to be associated with such persons (and i think that other top ranks agree here),it s wrong to associate us with this person. (i know is very confusing but top ranks are not like that).

Tale idk Elmetre as example,he win in front of me all the time and we always talk as friends withtout shiets like that.Or Mechzilla,another very polite and honorable player.

So don t associate top ranks with persons which have such a behavior,most of them are funny and friendly XD


Yeah, i agree there :smiley:


By the way if you need any help with builds,i will be more than glad to help XD


Thanks :slight_smile: PM ? o we dont go off-topic :slight_smile:


I’ve come up again people who call me a noob because I have a terrible second mech, they are a single rank higher than me, or if they think my mech is just bad (for absolutely no reason. They often plague the world chat. Anyone else notice that they plague the chat and attack low level players?


Actually,about the greetings…

I think it’s honorable for both sides.
Like,we’re in a match against the other,that simple “Hi” makes it feels like we’re not simply opponents,but fellows on the same footing,as if we’d let our differences aside for a brief second before we do our best to win.Not even close to being enemies,but equal persons instead.

And that “GG” at the end of the match,I also think it’s honorable.It’s like saying “Even if I beat you,it doesn’t mean you’re not good”.Again,it’s like letting out differences aside and telling the other that they have done a good job,and that the match isn’t solely about who wins and who loses.

But hey,blame me for being a perfectionist.


And if you’re reading,whoever you are,then next time you battle make sure to greet your opponent.The battle will have a fresher air for both sides.Honor your opponent.


I won t do that mate.

As i said ,we have different points of you,paths and ideas,everyone is free to do what he wants.
For me,a person which lost my respect is like dead for me,i will ignore that person no matter what.Why? cause that does not worth my time.


Opponent: EMP gay!



I knew someone who would like this.


I gues players call you noob because they are trying to taunt you in making mistakes, because of getting angry


It’s just going to make me use weapons / items that make their mechs cry
If they don’t do that, I’ll politely shutdown (when, say, they are out of energy or they are double overheated)