How to beat overlord insane?

Can you show me the build you used to beat overlord insane?

1v1 2v2 or 3v3?

I think it’s 1v1

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1v1 it is 1v1…

Any mech with few maxed mythical items and decent modules can past it


What mech did you use to even win<+?

When i beat it first time that was energy mech with malice beam/ hysteria / last words on grim reaper with lighting supporters, something around 1700~1900hp


okidoki thank you imma go myth my hollow spectral armour then

I beat it with hybrid, somehow with interceptor, with nightfall, annhilation, Dawnblaze (myth) , and maxed grave diggers, with hysteria, and savagery, with tonto maxed

Here is the mech that beat overlord at insane + 20% hp when watch ad + some luck

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if you got phys protector and explosive protector, then use the fractured core, and get rid of the rock recoiler, these mechs are mid range.

LOL :laughing: I have used this mech for like nearly 2 years

I drained all the energy out of it. It was a pretty close battle.

boiler ez win

Heat builds with a heat bomb are the easiest way to win on 1v1 campaign.

Beat it with a hybrid, with only one heat weapon :V

I went thru 1v1 campaign with a boiler. Nothing flashy, just savagery, corrupt light, heat bomb, clash, brutality, scorching feet. Didn’t need to buy premium for it. Boilers are super useful for campaign, especially against most of the bosses.

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in my case i recomend using a physical mech