How to beat heat mechs


Dude, come on, i used legendary level 1 heat mods with no plat plates and still managed to take r3 on my heat mech (1,767 hp mind you).

Heat bomb, magma, abomination, burning (deso works better than burning sometimes) easy win.


Also, heat mechs have the largest arsenal in this game yikes. I dont know if you noticed


Cuz he thinks he is wAaaay tooo op.


Pure boilers can be easily beaten by just about any mech type that has 500/300 heat stats just because boiler weapons don’t deal as much damage. Mechs with two vandals, two heat bombs, or some combination can be scary, especially if they are mixed with damaging weapons, but again, good heat stats can save you. As far as boilers go, only a few builds are strong enough to overpower max legendary heating modules, much less mythical ones. That’s why I have switched slowly from boiler mech to rocket mech, with the only pure heat item on there being heat bomb that I use for strategic shutdowns.


premium weapon?

I have a physical fur, I kill 2 thermal adversary furs, with 210 cooling, I just cool the whole battle and I am stay at a distance of tonto. It was always like this when there was a void, people did this to me, the void killed my fur. It is enough to install the resist and the heat deals 90 damage. If an explosive weapon is used, then the damage is slightly higher, but the drone still copes. And will you tell me that the heat is strong?

and what does that prove? That the heat has a lot of useless weapons!
All working assemblies are based on abomi. A premium weapon that does not fall out, I don’t know if it is now or if it’s a legacy thing, because I haven’t seen anyone who dropped the gun. I have three acca in different clans, I have been playing for over a year, I have never seen it fall to anyone! including me.

All new weapons (and also nerf) are directed against the heat. Heating 50 and the cost is warm 58, are you serious? it’s good? it sucks, this weapon is directed against whoever uses it, while it requires energy expenditure = you overheat yourself, you do not overheat the enemy, you can not shoot anything, because in you thrown emp!
energy on thermal fur? at a heat cost of 58-75 per shot? There cant be no fees. or you’ll cool every 2-3 shots!

I am well acquainted with thermal assemblies, I started to play with them. And below it was funny, the main weapon is overheating of the enemy. it is impossible to overheat in the higher ranks, since any opponent has more than 300 cooling and 500-700 heat. Any class other than heat)) oddly enough they have less heat, because the weapons are heavy!


The game is based in counters, how can you make such topic


So does Phys with the resistance draining-based builds, they usually run out of shots/get outdamaged/kill the opponent before res drain come in really handy…

Desolation is supposed to wreck fast and clear the opponent, not turn it into Xtra crispy french fries…


but deso does neither of those jobs, as someone who plays all 3 types i can say my heat underperforms compared to my energy and phys


Oh my. :man_facepalming:


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Mate, no need to delete.
We just have different point of views. Which is very fine.
Mine isnt necessarly the best one too…


to survive heat bombs you’d only need 472 cap and 1 cooling , the problem is that it’s used in combination with other weapons


In order to face any heat mech you need 400 max heat and 300 cooling.

You must adjust the modules on your torso to approach these numbers.

If your opponent has heat bomb, make only 1 shot and cool manually. Dont make 2 shots in a row.


Hope there is no more dual vandal build

hate that shet