How to beat heat mechs


How to beat heat mechs, especially the ones with heatbombs



isn’t this…basic…knowledge…



Pack lots of Heat and cooling…


heat is a joke, slap on 3 cooling boosters and a zarkares and you’ll win every fight


energy is a joke, slap on either 0 en mods or jam pack en mods until you have 1000 energy

there’s no inbetween


at least heat counters can actually use energy engines


rip balanced types


“yo fuck heat”


Cooling sometimes is better than cap but cooling should not exceed the heat cap most of the time.




Shoot, Cool down, Let drone fire, Repeat


I do it harder


gee lay off the heat mods lol


Aside from putting heat modules, try these:

If you’re using energy mechs, use a weapon that could drain the enemy’s energy quickly. This will disable most of their weapons. (Assuming the enemy isn’t triple magma or dual deso) Currently there’s only two weapons that could insta-drain the enemy, EMP and Valiant Sniper. But Valiant-Sniper is very rare, and the EMP is a behemoth and has a gargantuan energy costs.

Another way is to find a blind spot in the enemy’s heat mech, or at least the range where the enemy doesn’t deal much damage. More often than not, this would be range 2, this is because Heat Mechs doesn’t have any cheap Range 2 weapons, unlike Physical or energy. A physical build with all utilities and a Night Eagle would be really handy when fighting this sort of mechs.


666 cooling


Why is that Spartan flying LOL.


Cough cough Magma Recoiler cough cough a bit less

Also, I was thinking of something…
Some ppl say “Fight fire with fire”…Why not try using Hot Flash/HEC to fight Heat too ?

It deals a lot of heat damage, it cuts heat capacity, and it doesn’t generate heat for the user… (downsides are the high energy costs and the damage types not matching)


Why the chin of the torso in buried in the legs too ?




I installed 2 heat engines on my second account and calmly take the 5th rank (legie modules, you just need to time to cooldown and win). It is foolish to be afraid of thermal furs, they are the weakest class, with the lowest damage and useless function - heating (they heat themselves and not the enemy to a greater degree).

This does not apply to premium builds:
3 magmas + shower + 3-4 mythical plates xp
2 deso + 4 mythical plates xp.
This is all not available for 99% of players! You will lose to them in any case and on any mech, since you will have many times less HP.