How to assemble a Needle Blaster Model 2.5.7



I’m assuming the barrel spins, so maybe add heavy-duty grease?


There is one serious error in your blueprint, @Zarkares. As a needle lover I inform you, that in both patches, Pre-loaded and Re-loaded, needle/annihilation is one of few energy independent weapons, so I see no reason to put any information about charging the battery or alternator. The rotational energy comes directly from the HYDRAULIC motor, and the only electric part in the system is the trigger mechanism that fires the round . In every other aspect, GREAT JOB! See more here:


lol too much for me…


No, no, no,
don’t give up! I just wanted to put you right in a minor detail. GG and I want the same for some grenade launchers/melee weaps/drones etc… GG!!


@Zarkares - This is great.
Do you mind if I add it to our social media pages?


lol okay but it’s bad…