How the mighty have fallen

Sad reality about how is hard to get items now

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Chuckles in the background

I think life caught up with him rather than the game. He was always a nice person to me.

in this version we all start from below, from zero, so to say that they have fallen is wrong, and that we all start from below, therefore they can not fall, the correct expression is, the pro have taken is to raise others simply have retired , and others go very slow.

What is clear is that surely you are another of the many resentful that never could win. that’s why people like you make fun of who killed you as much as 8 thousand times.

Many people are going slowly up the limit of inventory does not allow them to upload more quickly, prole some time, and everything will be as before.

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Eh, mocking? Excuse me, I was pointing out another good player this update victimized

Amendment Beat me? Before this update? GOOD ONE!

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