How smart do you think you guys are

if you guys think you are smart spell it

  • i t
  • s m a r t
  • i dont know

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um okay well still vote please

well then how much do you guys think how hard you guys think

Spell what?

Well he isn’t very Smart for telling us to spell something without telling us WHAT to spell

He rold us to spell “it”

Maybe it = Spell

He should learn grammar

If he wanted us to spell ‘it’

he should have used apostrophes

But brennankawamura,are you smart?

What is 2 +7 - 8 x 12 + 7 - 9 / 2 = ?. Smart people only

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Uhh one question:


Because that would be point something.

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Aww hell yeah!
Time to be smart af

Let me make a thread

If i am correct…

It’s -84.5?


Pls tell me if this is correct.

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It is correct

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Wow…i guess i am a smart person…fuqin hell.

Oh wait…i need an offical anwser.

Just to make sure.

with PEMDAS: -84.5
without PEMDAS: 5

and if you dont know what PEMDAS is… here’s some help:(A) PEMDAS please end my depresion and suffering

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2 more days to answer until i reveal the answer so keep guessing here is a hint read care fully what i said i said it in the text think care fully

say something if you vote please get ever one to vote