How rare is mercy exactly?

same thats how i got my seprah blade

Can I use that build that he recommended to you?..I have exactly all those pieces


Hi mate, its nicknamed RICO build as a reference to rico the top player; probably the first that came up with this build.
Drop rates are extremely difficult to estimate on their own, as for the chances to get a specific item… impossible to assess. Some guys got mercy from premium boxes, some others from level up reward boxes, some others farming ramboy etc… luck bro, luck.
Look at me i have 2 mercys, ready to finalize my second build, modules are mythed, other weapons (including mercy) are good to go… but… i am missing a nightfall; the thing just doesnt come. Sad story huh…

:confused: Also spelling mistake.

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same story here…but with Brutality ^^

an epic to myth !

(like yours ^^)

I feel you. But at least you have alternatives… i dont. Btw, zarkares is pretty much better on every aspects, save for the weight of course.

Nah…I have a energy-dependant buld, so…