How rare is mercy exactly?

Ok I will be honest. I want to go with a build @lordgorgon had recommended me. It is called the RICO build, which is with
Mercy + 2 Nightfalls + all utilities (Maybe I could add a nighteagle.)

So, just wanted to know how rare Mercy is. I know that it is rare as sh*t. But, just wanted to know how rare it is and the chances of getting it.

Well…I think the most accurate answer you could get until devs show us drop rates are as rare as any L-M item ^^

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Indeed,just as YGGM said.

From what I’ve seen,around 0.8% from premium boxes/packs and even less from any other box (fortune/special increased drop change item portal box)

Well premium boxes are useless.
So do I just farm on RamBoy?

on what mode normal or hard or insane

Even less chance…
Fortune box has an average of 1/15 boxes chance from bosses and around 1/50 from regular missions (from what I’ve read,people got them from missions however I only got them from bosses,never once from a missions).
That said,with the average chance of legendary from fortune box that is more or less that 12.5% (1/8),this is your actual chance of getting a Mercy from BB:

1/15•8 = 1/120 = less than 0.01%
Good luck with that Mercy.

Well…I’m pretty lucky to have gotten it from a lvl up box

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Yep…Considering most of us getting epics from them…

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Im thinking about doing it on insane.

i actually get rares from fortune boxes now and not epics i guess my game hates me

but what mode ment on normal spelling mistake normal



It sounds as if you are saying I will never get it, in a thousand years.
Kinda discouraging…

The chance for rares is around 37.5,same as chance for epics.

Lemme list this:

Fortune Box

Chance for:

  • Common 12.5%
  • Rare 37.5 %
  • Epic 37.5%
  • Legendary 12.5%

This is based on every reported drop plus my own drops.
And it is pretty damn accurate,actually.

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oh at least there is a sort of big chance for epics and legendary

It’s just like me getting my PRECIOUS,PRICELESS StormWeaver…
I don’t have much faith in that drop although I keep hoping to get my wonder weapon :slight_smile:
I meant
Good luck on your Mercy.You’ll eventually get it so just have a little patience.

Better now?

yah i waited and got a seprah blade my dream physiacal weapon i just got a fortune box and got rares which is crap sorry for my language

I hope all of your L-M items are good.

I will just wait here untill i get something other than spinefall and flaming scope
(Yes those are the only L-M items that i have ever gotten)

Chances for epics and rares were changed,as Sarah also announced that the drops for commons were lowered in the favor of those listed above.
Chance for legendary hasn’t really changed,however I can confirm that for every common drop on fortune boxes,I got one legendary.
And it seems it’s the same for everyone,pretty much.
So,as stated above,fortune boxes drop legendaries in an equal matter as they drop legendaries :slight_smile:.
Though it’s a pretty weird idea to make silvers just as rare as goldies,it’s just fine like this.