How much tokens for refills have you saved up for the item portal?

…Just wondering :slightly_smiling_face:

6-from the last 2 raids, or is it 4…hmmm

Just 700 but well,quite enough

4678… should be baaaaarely enough, right?

I’ve never spend tokens for refills.


You should.

I’ll save them for premium pack.

When it is an item portal where the chances for legendaries is good then refills with auto-pilot on hard mode or manual on insane mode can be worth it.
Though it depends on the leg rate that the boxes dropped in the portal have.

I might buy some if drope rates will be goood af
So that means i will never buy tokens

Well…i won’t never use auto pilot on portals.
Not even still toss all my tokens

Okay, yoyo, I get ya…
For us middle rankers(9-10) it is kinda pointless to spend tokens on refills…
In spend around 3 refils for gold portals and 2 for others(I can barely beat hard mode on any portal except gold)

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That s because all op stuff come from hard mode

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Don t waste on refills if you have a bad drop rate

I think you should only do refills if you can beat the portal on hard mode…

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But what happens when discount comes?

You won’t be able to buy more premium packs
My suggestion is not to spend it.

True but you get lots of epics from the portal and a small chance for legys…

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Either that or that.

But it’s my suggestion

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Okie :octopus:

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Don’t…even think about it.

Kiddin,just do whatever you want…