How much interested would you be to see this?

Would you be interested to watch a video about whole history of SM 2012-2020? :thinking:


I only care about 2012-2017 since legacy was fukin good.


Yes but the idea was to see how SM changed over years.


That’s a great idea @Pavic! That would be cool to see in my opinion


It would be interesting for me to see. I did not play SM in legacy time


I would like to see it, @Pavic.

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Yeah I never played legacy. I’ve heard from @Mechzilla and @bestplayerintheworld quite a bit of it, but it’d be interesting to know more.

Enjoy …


I’m not talking about just battles. :rofl: I mean the history of clans and stuff.

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2014! This was back when the highest level item on your mech determined your matchmaking rank, led to very very strong level 18 and 21 builds :heart_eyes: way before clans, myths, and even weight!


The Clan Medals represent the Clan History pretty good …

  • like just one fast example HardToKill with most podiums of all time and of all clans …

The more detailed Clan History …

When Clans started (the very first weeks) there was a “fight” between my first Clan and “Littlelost your lost” … which was pretty even, one time they won, one time we won :exclamation:

But cos of to less time to lead my own Clan and cos “Bago best leader” from HardToKill asked me so nice, I decided to join the raising Clan HardToKill :dancer:t3::grey_exclamation:

You need to know that at that time a Clan could only hold 8 members (don’t judge me on that, maybe it was even 6 or 10, not sure about), so most went with me to HardToKill :grey_exclamation:

So at this time HardToKill took the lead of all Clans and won several weekly Clan tournaments / Clan Gold Medals :exclamation:

After a few months winning and staying Top1, the same happened to HardToKill as later happened to “Littlelost your lost” (any maybe will happen to Reign), most members got “bored” of so much winning and so HardToKill stayed Top3 and “Littlelost your lost” took the Top1 for several months as well :exclamation:

Then some members of HardToKill became Clan Gold Medal greedy and joined “Littlelost your lost” so we had a few (it were 4 or 5) members to less and we fall out of Top3 :grey_exclamation:

At that time Reign raised to Top3 but all members had to change to a new Clan “Reign Reforged”, cos of a very bad Clan bug … even winning most for a normal Top3 spot, had let the Clan at LAST place of all Clans :grey_exclamation:

Most (not all) Top Clans were effected by this very bad Clan bug :grey_exclamation:

Tacticsoft needed weeks (if not even months) to fix this Clan bug issue :exclamation:

And HardToKill would not be HardToKill if we would not have raised again to Top3, we did :exclamation:

Then SuperMechs Reloaded came and HardToKill adapted fastest of all Clans and we won also at that time several weeks / months the weekly Clan tournament /Clan Gold Medal :exclamation:

“Littlelost your lost” lost their Top1 spot and never came back, plus some members of them splitted to an other Clan … lets be nice and lets say … for reasons :exclamation:


Reign Reforged became stronger and stronger and took the Top1 spot now for months :grey_exclamation:

Between that all “Trolls fast” raised slowly but constantly and managed to be a Top3 Clan all the time … even took 2 weekly Clan tournaments/Clan Gold Medals :grey_exclamation:

From time to time an other Clan managed to went to the Top3, but was most of the time only for a few weeks, until the well known Clans got back to Top3 :exclamation:


BUT all this will never change …



You should make videos again. By the way, is it okay if i use some short cuts of some of your videos in this project? Of course with credits.

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Yes of course feel free to use from my YT channel whatever you want :exclamation:



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Funny little robots, so cute



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me neither sniff im not crying i swear. sob

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Idk bout reloaded but im ok to watch the history of sm

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I would like to, but as long as it´s not used to denigrate anyone or to make personal promotion of anyone.

That is … if fragments of battles are copied, it would be good to eliminate nicknames, so that nobody feels denigrated.

And if it´s necessary to mention names of clans or players, that shows the achievements and also the defeats.

That is, done with love and not be a video that ends in a private war between players.

Do it with humor, cannot miss the famous phrase “no en gay.”

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Of course, not gonna talk how that clan achieved something and such things. My plan was to show how Super Mechs changed or even better how devs did before and how they do now. Also don’t worry, i will not do something to start war between clans :slight_smile:


Only from 2012-2016
After that SM died