How much does it cost to fuse a legendary to max mythical


what the title says. please i need to find an amount to go by


you need around 150k to upgrade the legendary to lv 40. then you need 5 other legendaries and 100k to transform the lv 40 items to a mythical. after that you will need around 500k to max it
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how much does it take to get a legendary item

I have four other legendaries and one epic at level 28 almost at legendary so i can get a mythical. i have lots of other epics tho.


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you need 5legendaries and 100k gold transform it to a mythical. that means you need around 55k to transform the epic to a legendary. you need around 155000 gold


did you see the money??


also which should i transform legs or torso?


i recommend you to transform the torso first
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can i see a pic of your mech now?


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okay i will be able to see at any time
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