How much damage can it have?


Can someone tell me how much damage it has supreme cannon is that I have 3 and I do not know what to saw


You want this ?


Cannon knock back n thats what energy mech wants.
I like to have cannon which can bounce opponent 2 step backwards.


This thing is super powerful it drains almost as much HP as my nightfall and does extra heat DMG


Void vs greedy which is preferable ?


I use void, I first had hurlbat, but void is definitely better. I don’t know which one greedy is, is it the one bigboy has? I wouldn’t prefer it because of no resistance drain, but the new version of Antares drone is really good. It drains a lot of res


Greedy is lighter at 20KG and has better Resist drain 6 at level 40 Legendary goes to 10 Myhtical level 1 but I don’t know if either Void or Greedy have hidden damages.

Void Maxed Mythical has 5 Resist.


is that I have 3 of those weapons and I did not know how much potential I had


Greedy also has pathetic damage for a physical drone. Void is more reliable. :slight_smile: