How much boost you get - some numbers

So as you know boost is based on transform level of used item. Here is some info.

When you are boosting with the same type (physical for example) you get extra 10% points.
Same for the part of mech (legs for example) - extra 10% when it is the same.

When you are using both bonuses at once you get extra 20%.

400 points from common
1760 rare
3500 epic

Just for fun info:
7400 from legendary
51500 from maxed mythical
61800 from maxed mythical (same type and part)

As you can see commons are complete trash ;p
If you have some thoughts about boosting please write them. I’d like to read some :slight_smile:

Best boosting material are rares, but recently i get less of them than before, idk

After spending another 1.2k of tokens I have ton of epics, they are good to boost :slight_smile:

And now I get less rares too :confused:

Of course they are trash,they dont do anything special.
Oh and epic’s are my boosting material in my opinion.

What I meant was that they don’t even give you nice boost like rares do.

Same thing.Can’t do special.

Idk if you get my point, epic is about half legend, rare is about half epic and… common is less than 1/4 of rare? LOL

i said my opinion…
And i get it what are you say lol.

It’s actually a bit strange - you get a bonus for the same category if you boost with commons and rares; a boost for the same color if you boost with epics and legendaries and a bonus for both if you boost using myths. And a higher bonus if category and color match, like you said.