How many premium items do you have?

I have only one :sweat:


I have

  1. Valiant Sniper
  2. Bunker Shell
  3. Mighty Cannon
  4. Spartan Carnage
  5. Greedy
  6. Platinum Grappling Hook
  7. Anguish

I realised I have more than I thought…


Same for you,i also have other premium think,but i don’t have hp modules!:frowning:

You have a Spartan carnage?you can actually build a good physical with Spartan carnage and the plat grapple

I’ve had it since the early stages of my supermechs journey… Just didn’t know what it was so I kept it

From the silver boxes they sold us when sm reloaded?

Umm… no just from some sort of box that I don’t remember…

I joined AFTER reloading

Lol I didn’t know that you’re newer than me
Which I think is why you questioned me about what you thought is a heat windigo

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Can anyone count for me, I’m too lazy




Except last words,all things are premium

I have:

  • Murmur

  • Advanced Teleporter

  • Maximum Protector

  • Swoop

  • Archimode

  • Mercy

What I had:

  • Ultra Heat Protector

  • Purifier

EDIT: It was not Sorrow sorry…it was the Purifier

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Did you fuse the others?

I have sorrow!^^
It is good for beat energy mech!:slight_smile:

Oh and I have rolling beasts

On a side note Windigo is heat type, LoL.

I’m talking about the USA mk 1

I know, but a lot of people mistake Windigo for a physical torso. Asking ‘is that a heat Windigo’ deosn’t make sense, since Windigo is already a heat torso :sweat_smile:

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I know windigo is a heat torso,but I call it as a phys torso because its color is yellow