How many name changes have you done?


i hope no czech reads it…:rofl:

btw i just finished reading quo vadis…(again)


Yep, some solid piece of reading… And with my kids I just watched another Sienkiewicz’s masterpiece “Teutonic Knights - Krzyżacy”, filmed in 1960 by A. Ford, a time-universal epos that every Pole watched at least 5 times… And you know what, it does not look old-fashioned at all!! And my girls just loved the story… They kept their fingers crossed for the Polish heavy cavalry at Grunwald… But hey, I just realized you are of German origin?
For Poland! Die Germans! (LOL, just kidding, no offense, broh!)


i read almost all…
no, i am not german
but if i were i wouldn’t mind…:slight_smile:
you know i have a sence of historical justice…:slight_smile:


@Mordulec sent pm to you…



From “Soylent Green” to “[BTB]OVERSEER”


i saw the movie with charlton heston
(thats you referring right?)


No, just old nickname


i meant the name “soylent green” comes from a movie of the same title
with charlton heston
they made food from dead people, ahd this stuff was called soylent green

you know that right?


Yeah, i know


So, I am deciding to change my IGN. What should I do?

  • Change it to Mr.E
  • Change it to MrE
  • Leave it as wwwOwww

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Okay, the aye’s have it. IGN changed.

:white_check_mark: Problem the IGN solved :white_check_mark:

Thanks a lot!


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i’ve kept my name so far… and i think i’ll be keeping it


Lol I changed it twice . 77se777en77 was first . Second was Capt J. Fingatom on a bet. It’s only a funny name if your are Hungarian like @Mechiavelli. Other clan me ever thought I had replaced se77en and he quit the clan. Funny story … Same player betrayed my trust and took my account for a trip to HTK for a while . Anyway TWICE