How many name changes have you done?




how many tokens down the drain?


Hmm… 100+200+300+400 And so on.


okay… the first one is free.
using the power of maths, I can tell you that that is 2800 tokens.


Well, since I posted several comments here, I might as well participate. Name and profile pic set in stone. Don’t plan on making any changes.

Edit: this is my original name.


Ohhhh wait, I am getting forgetful aren’t I? On this acc it was only 3 name changes :sweat_smile:

The other name changes were on my old, banned Main Acc.


Wait so I’m the only one who spent 2,300 tokens on name changes alone?


Rip tokens…


1st-miketrevor0402 (Such an stupid name)
2st-The Yo Yo Man
3st-My real name (Facebook done it…)

Those were changes once i got my 1st acc.


Ah yes, Guud Engrishu


First my name was WMist, then Zamilus.

Yea, i just changed my name once.


paradox112 then edelweiss (tired of number)


None. I just made a new acc after Reloaded XD


From when I started the game up until Febuary, when I joined BTB, my ign was SafariMaster (idk why)

To make it easier since it was a forum clan, I changed my ign to my forum (dankmementos)

Strangely, back when my ign was SafariMaster, I was doing arena battles until I ended up with this one guy with bad English who instisted I was the son of Donald Trump.
The first thing he asked was about my ign, then if I was the son of Trump. I told him no, and why, but then he kept saying “You are SafariMaster, means you son of Trump???”
If anyone could give insight to this that would be appreciated lol cause it still befuddles me.


Maybe that’s trumps sons ign?


If Trump’s son played Supermechs- that would be pretty fukin wierd lol.

Since Trumps son= son of the president of the U.S


Listen mate…he is probably trolling
That’s my though


Why would I even consider changing such a trademark name as Mordulec? Once I considered adding the “TM” mark to it, but just gave up… Was not worth it… So my name is about 5 years old…


what “mordulec” means? is not polish sounding name…


No, it is not… It is a Czech word standing for “Killer, murderer”, and it comes from the Chech dubbing version of “Terminator”… You see, we Poles find the Chech language extremely funny and amusing, and so is the word Mordulec… It just sounds soooo hilarious in Polish…