How many name changes have you done?


As the title says, I’ve done a lot the first one is PTX Hardballer, Next is Ex3, Then Maroon Legend, Then Calm Panther, Then Questionable_, Then ClockWork, Then Cicida 3301 and the last one is Kaizo!
So that’s about 2,300 Worth of tokens… what about you?


2 name changes for me…
1st - Haha got you WinzKay (don’t ask me why I did it…I was stupid and I wanted to prank WinzKay)
2nd - Yuo Echo ( I changed my name back to Yuo Echo)


no change here…always pfahlmann…


1 change- Amatur Chotiya to PookiMaga


First my user was Ronaldo and messi when I reached rank 14 I changed it into sparsh


Name changes?none…


Im still runing my first, auto assigned by the game name. Never changed it


That was auto assigned?? You turned it into a SM household name! Lol

I have not changed my name at all.


gorgon was a female…are you?


My child making equipment is external.


1 i think


Lol, I would never have guessed it was auto assigned.

1 for me. I was formerly ### Destroyer the hashes were an alternate name for cat, that started with P.

I want to change now from wwwOwww to Mr.E but I can’t afford it :slightly_frowning_face:


Wow! I had no idea you didn’t make your own name. That’s shocking to hear. Well, a good name made by Tacticsoft.


Fun story:

some time ago, because of some bug, my account got lost and replaced by a virgin account. The name on that one (also auto assigned) was “Calm Gorgon”. Been trolled by the damn server; took it as a “fak you Gorgon”. Then i could recover the thing clean


The title “lord” says it all, regardless of the other part of the name afterwards.


Cool story bro. I mean it :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, so is that mean everyone with similar names to each other are auto assigned names? I thought those guys with similar names are part of a clan. I see tons of people with similar names.


I have done 2 name change name changes

1st : BigPir8
2nd: Prime
3rd : cyanine Currently, probably will not change anymore


I had no idea the game gives out auto assigned names, a complete shock to hear it does.



afaik, auto assigned name is a thing on kongregate