How many mythical items do you have?


I would never, These Claws are soo useful


What about 100m gold and 2k tokens


intresting you like claws better then plats…

you don’t actually have that much where your proof :slight_smile:


Yeah I only have 30m gold and 100 tokens now but I will farm :b


He, did you see what I tagged you in?




what ? <20characters>



You failed


Yes it is :smiley:
It gonna die any ways :smiley:
We just gonna speed it up :smiley:


i got 6
corupt light
dynamite boots


hmm little too much +123 mystic and again
to do orther


lol never has people with more than 25 miticos and with more 100 i never thought this post will get so that to the point of the dwight put more of the open mouth like and that a person has more than 100 miythical


I have 53 myths and a lot of legends.