How Many Mechs do you have fully Build?


The question is in the title. How many mech are completely Build? Or are you able to build more than 3.

  • Still working on My First
  • One Mech (Completely Build)
  • Two Mechs (One Completed and still working on the 2nd)
  • Two Mechs (Both Completed)
  • Three Mechs (One Completed, still working on the other two)
  • Three Mechs (Two Completed, still working on the last one)
  • Three Mechs (All Completed)
  • I Can Build More than three Complete Build Mechs

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I ask this, because the next upgrade will require 3 mech battles. I have not even completed my builds.


3 arent enough


Before the new update, I saw no need for a 3rd mech


I have anough torsos and weapons

But the mods only let me make 3 arena capable mechs :sweat_smile:


Dude why are you using emojis




i DoN’t EvEn HaVe OnE mYtHiCaL.


i can make more than 3 mechs fully build but i need some rare weps and mods, thats all


I know you so well winz


where is the i have 3 none completed option?


If by fully built you mean “which reached maximum level for every items in it”, I have 1 completed, one good WIP and one crap WIP

But if you mean “which reached the final stage with all the items you need on it, maxed and carried”, than, I have 3 WIP

What sense is the good one ?


The 1st one. :wink: Everything Myth…


@El_Metre w0t



If you need everthing myth, then I would need to use the 3 WIP choice…

Because I have some modules at maxed Epic rarity (Protectors) and some premium items still not available (Desert Furry, Claw, Beasts, some more PPs, etc)


Well i am always working on it…


Well my first is missing 2 Items that is L-M. Three special Items need to be Fully Myth. My second, I’m still messing with it. I need 2 items on my 2nd Mech and Need to Fully Myth some Modules. I have not yet started my 3rd Mech. I haven’t even decided what type it will be.