How many Item Slots do you have?


Question in the title. Simple.

I’m thinking of upping my item slots. I have 160. I accidentally add 5 more, by clicking buy more. Is it worth to buy more, and where should I stop at.


Well, they are 5 tokens and each time you need more it gets more expensive, so idk if its worth…


I got 150, I just conserve them, maxing out the slots when I have to farm portal, Usually costs around 120-300K


I got 235. It’s an uber pain in the ass to micro manage my inventory space. That’s the one aspect I don’t like about this game. Every time, every day I’m fighting to conserve my limited inventory space.


I have 155,never bought space and nor will I.


255 -_- (20 lolloolll)



I bought the first ones that don’t cost much (like the 2 or 3 ones), but after that, it turns really quickly on “way too exensive”…

Increasing price for the same number of item slots added per purchase, not worth it…





Just makes boosting so much easier
Buy 3-4 of the 5-pack Silver Boxes (32,500) and boost away


I have 345
It helps for making Legendary items to make Mythicals beings we rarely get Legendary from drops.





@LegacyMech @GameSmasher @cousin_joe @W.P.O.T.W You guys are frkn tempting me now. :slight_smile:


I have infinite item slots for pledging to Tacticsoft’s patreon lmao.



I don’t know why I have so many slots
I never buy it with tokens


Damn, that is a lot…


I have 270 slots. I never got my inventory full…


Are you sure you didn’t click buy more slots button, Its right next to upgrade button. That’s over 1000 tokens wasted.


Maybe he has so many that he doesn;t even notice :rofl:


I got 570… P2p


I have 600 :stuck_out_tongue: u all can go die