How many epics for full-myth mech?

Greetings, Pilots!
I was just curious about some numbers currently in the game, so I made some assumptions and calculations. Here they are:
The general idea is you want to build an all-myth mech, and you do not have a single legendary. Hom many epics do you need?

To craft 1 legendary: you need 1 maxxed epic + 4 sacrifice epics = 5
To craft 1 myth: you need 1 maxxed legend + 5 sacrifice = 6 x 5 = 30 epics
A typical mech with 4 weapons, utility outfit (hook, drone, charge, I assume no tele) plus 7-8 modules needs about 17 myths.
17 x 30 = 510 epics.
So you need to get 612 epics just to build 1 (ONE) fully-mythed mech. And for three… well you need 1530 epics. Not bad, not bad. Think about it the next time you burn an epic for some fusion points…

You only need 4 “food” items to sacrifice to transform from Epic to Legendary.

Damn, you are right, Flux! Need to edit my post!

But…how many items do you need to fully max out those epics and legendaries?

Hey, Tin! It all depends on the level of items you use for fusing.
The stats are as follows:
If you use commons only: 1 maxxed epic = zillion rares
1 maxxed legendary = shitload of rares
See, it is a lot of jerking off with the Big Boy…:grinning:

yeah sorry, it was meant as a rhetorical question, but it’s hard to get across via keyboard lol

well math helps us here also:
A rare fused into an epic/legendary/myth gives an average of 1760 powerpoints.
A common fused into an epic/legendary/myth gives and average of 400 powerpoints.
A lvl 30 epic need 71250 power points : 40 rares,and 3 comons.
A lvl 40 legendary need 165810 power points : 94 rares, and 2 comons.
A lvl 50 Myth need 560000 power points : 318 rares and 1 comon.
So nr of items needed only for upgrades of one fully fused myth: 612 rares, and 14 comons, or 2707 comons.
For a mech it’s times 17 : 10404 rares, and 238 comons. or 46019 comons.

Ha, great job, @El_Metre. We got is nice and square! I guess another YT video is coming this week!

i’ll leave it to you to calculate the time you need to gather those items tho… but i’m guessing around 50-70 days/mech…

Yep, difficult like crap, since it varies a lot depending on the drop rate of rares/commons. Besides, where the heck are we going to get epics from? Craft them from rares??? Come on, this is going to be years, not months of grinding…

Well im assuming you will farm BB, and the drop of epic is 1 out of 10. So by the time you finish gathering your epics, you would have 1/3 the items needed to boost the rest you get from buying boxes and pvp drops. But in that case, the time for one mech is increased by 66%. … so my initial estimation of 50-70 days rises to 80-116 days…
I might be off by some days tho… i’m doing these in my head… so its kinda accurate.