How long have you been playing SuperMechs for?


Oh! So that explains how you’ve so many maxed out kits. If only you can use them…

This pic is definitely worthy of being posted in the flex thread. :star_struck:


This is the time of sheer… umm… BAD PLANNING.


If only you could merge accounts…


my old acc is i think 3 years old or somethin i had over 60 myths dont believe me ask cyanine


2012, I had 4 rank 1 accounts before the reload. Came back a month ago and now I have a rank 12 and a rank 10 as my best. I almost quit, but I gave it a try and started enjoying the new system. Doesnt change the fact that I lost 7 years of work.


i feel u hard times…


I have been playing the game all the way back to the time when campaign is just a bunch of mechs getting in a line for you to mess them up , whoever came from that early of the time will always notice these super duper meta cancerous weapons

  • Flip Mix
  • Lazer Cannon
  • Haunteclere
  • Yellow Beam
  • Deep Drain
  • Tappers
  • Dragon
  • Gladiator
  • Spider

PS: Forgot to mention Roman , you cant be a pro player if had no idea what a Roman is


same 2014 end…


My first good mech, probably 2013-14, was a galaxus c with fortress floors, two call of lightnings, 2 deep drains, and the triple electric pointer


I have played 1 year and 1~2 months :b
I started playing in near december of 2017
I’m a f2p player
And here my 3 mech :b
1st mech
2nd mech
3rd mech


that heater is glorious
get backbreaker on second
wtf even is your third mech

also i played in 2014 too
i left sm in 2016.
came back when reloaded dropped.


which one is that?


lets imagine Heronmark , but much smaller with less details


I already published it :v

and Facebook :v
(where they offer me $20 for the account)
obviously I would never sell it >:v


i started to play around 2013-2016


I’ve been playing almost sense it came out and I’ve gotten hacked 5 times


I have been playing since i was 2 years old :3


And 2 days after dat…i create my forum acc(Muhd_Boci)not sm acc

just saying