How long does it take you to "regain" your Ladder Rank


After each tournament ends, we lose a few stars and get to a really low ladder rank.

Question: How long does it take for you to return to your old rank?

At the start of each week, PvP is scary! You get matched with really strong opponents sometimes… Well, probably because this system is new and we are still being sorted out to our proper place…

It is interesting that we get matched with almost the same people who are progressing at the same rate as we are.

I probably take the entire week before I can reach my previous ladder rank. But so far, I have not been able to reach the same, it ends up generally lower than the last… And, if each week I start at a lower tier… I don’t know how long until I end up starting at Rank 20! :laughing:

What about you? Is it a breeze for you reaching your previous highest rank?

Also, I don’t think the stats “You earned ____ stars last tournament” make much sense. It’s not like we have any way of counting them. :slight_smile:


I wait for myself one day and the next I rise little by little of rank or I raise two ranges of blow xD


Depends, it takes a few days for me, because I play 5 battles a day.


I Cannot Reach Rank 1 Because i’m not ready yet (It’s Possible) but as long as I reach Rank 5
Then there’s no sweat.


I go by that, too. Rank 5 rewards are not bad. But I got really close last week. I was off by 2 or 3 stars to graze the bottom of rank 1. Then I got matched with REAL rank 1 players… Oh boy… :laughing:

I was put back in my place really quick.


Personally i wait a while to let others move up the ranks, I’m then able to get back easily into the top 5 later in the week.


a day or two. faster if no one asks for a win.


Usually it takes me around 4 days to reach Rank 1 from the start of the reset and then I kinda stop playing.


Ihave not hit rank 1 ever since this update. Highest rnak was rank 2 stars


Same here… same here… Maybe one day. When we get more mythical items… and probably even that elusive mythical HP Plate. :slight_smile:


Im lucky if i can get rank 10. I get rekt before i can reach that


Well now at least you are not having to fight top players as much right?


actualy it is a bit broken, i had to fight only top players, black skulls, and i was rank 4.
It actualy opened my eyes, how it feels for a real rank 4,3,2 to get a match like that… i was like “Sheet … just my luck, i end up with this top OP guy…”.
It isn’t fair for the real rank2,3,4 to get paired with the top players.


@El_Metre that’s what I was saying last week; I barely landed Rank4 at the end of it (I was Rank3 before league as you may remember).
Yesterday I had to face multiple times mechs with 3+ item at myth, fully fused or almost (they were black colored). I was almost Rank5, been kicked down to Rank7.

Tbh I don’t care too much about it till I can hit Rank5 by the end of the season so don’t take it as a mere complain, I’m just trying to give you guys some insight from a normal player perspective.

Also, the “I wait 2 or 3 days for PvP” approach doesn’t work since I’m forced to compete from day 1 if I want to finish my dailies.


I guess I don’t notice because I fight the same people I always fight.


I do fight thrm actually , i am a rank 3 as of rn and i get matched with ranks 1…


I don’t regain my rank, I come back lower and lower


No I mean top players Like top 20 mechs.not normal rank 1s,


yep , hapening 30-40% of the time


Im sorry to hear that K that sucks <3