How is this possible?


If anyone knows how to do this show me how! :smiley:

Sorry for putting the mech together with different pieces … I do not have many things … but all pieces of the same type weigh the same.

I know that more modules were missing but it is obvious that I will not be able to use them.

-He is ZION.


im kinda new to the game, but i recall another player saying something in a post about weight differences

why would a 1000-1300 category or a “more than 1300” category be mentioned if they don’t exist? that post really took me by surprise, since i myself had issues with weight on my mech, because it can’t go past 1000. are there or are there not mechs that are over 1000 kg?


I think he was referring to ranking positions.
If not in the same way currently in the game the maximum is 1,000kg


It’s definitely not possible. On top of all that, I believe he had somehow achieved 201 cooling as well. It’s blatant cheating.


the topic was talking about weight of robots and is even titled “weight related poll”


I see, I’m stupid lol :joy:

However, so far these categories have not been implemented … the maximum weight for all players is 1,000kg


Looks quite possible to me.

He has no rocket, resistance, bullet or energy modules and has maybe just a heat module.

He may also not use a shield or grappling hook.


It’s not possible. He has rocket modules, 230hp worth of hp modules, and enough heat modules to reach 201 cooling. As you can see from the picture, the stats from the recreation attempt are nowhere close, and it’s already overweight.


In conclusion, it’s absolute cheating and this guy needs to get banned.


no. you can make an overweight mech as well and take a screenshot of it. but as soon as you try to back out of that menu, it would show a message saying your mech is overweight. you would not be able to play with it in that state.


Yes that is correct. Although that guy up there, he’s actually accused of hacking (there were proofs to justify that he is hacking). So I wouldn’t be surprised that something like this happens because of him.

Plus, he was spamming in chat that “I’m using hacks”… And he’s pretty mean. :expressionless:


Im here xD
i was talking about weight adition in a fair way
a lot of player as i see want to send out the weight limit so i think on a way to make it legal and balanced

before last update you could use an overweighted mech on campaign but it couldnt be used with other players, it was fun torture big boy and the system allow me to do that in campaign, i even lose having a mech of 1308 when i was testing the bug so i dont see the problem to put my categories idea xD

the guy upthere its obviously using some kind of hack/bug because its weight only with 3 modules that drone and rockets with the body and weapons its at least 1006 kg because have 80 rockets not 70 so just seeing it its ilegal
even its heat with 2 heat modules isnt possible the max heat would be 174
so yes that pic its enought to know he isnt playing legal


seems like a hack…something fishy


yes right it is a hack…