How is this not checkmate?

I was playing chess on with my friend, and moved to b4, and my friend wasn’t able to move, and the game didn’t consider it a checkmate, and he sent me a screenshot.

How tf is this not checkmate, are we both blind? Can someone explain this to me please

Edit: When the time ran out my friend sent me this from the anylasis… apparently this is what he was supposed to do: = Big Brain -_-

Edit: I take it back, chess is big brain, I’m small brain

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lol that was a lot of bullshit, Im dead laughing

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En passant is a ■■■■■, isn’t it, because most people don’t know it.


En passant special move @MechSlayer
This happens when the opponent’s pawn moves 2 spaces to be beside your pawn. To give the opportunity to take, you may take it via En Passant (as pawns cannot move sideways or back) which moves diagonally past the pawn.


This …