How is this guy higher than me?

How? Me: mostly all legendries

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I really do not know but I leave you 4 options

1.Have a better losing streak than you
2.That is a pilot who fights with pilots of a very low range and remove his mech and put one at the level of another rank
3.You have a worse losing streak than he is and a top is higher than your
4.If it is not any of these options is hacker

Broma la 4 no te la creas

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It´s a mistake of the ranking system. None of those players who have 0 battles can be higher than you.

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I have an equal example but more troll

for the moment everything is finebut then I see this an old pilot who is in a better position than me but the strangest thing is that my mech is thisthere is the moment that 23 of streak of casualties go to the garbage and if you show much more it would surprise you but I prefer not to see it because I realize that so much effort to make a losing streak is not worthwhile while people who are in a better position and without being too big

Then I’m more clanky with that

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I don’t understand the wins/losses thing

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I think it’s about your losing streak and how many times you die in battle I do not understand it well so I can not tell you exactly

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Maybe he smoked too many drugs

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Someone trying to get low rank to farm kills on low-level players

Its a clear mistake in the ranking system , read here more about …

Also a mistake, since the 1st (!) update from SM Reloaded :exclamation:

I mentioned that around 7 times, also with adding @Sarah247 and @Mohadib, BUT after months (!!!) I am allowed to say …

THEY DON’T CARE about :grey_exclamation:

Since that mentioned update months ago, it shows 2 times the wins, NOT the losses.
You see only losses, right after a loss. After first win, it shows incorrect 2 times the wins, in both columns (wins AND losses) :exclamation:

But hey, why they should care, its just the MAIN thing WE players play for in this game = not important for tacticsoft :grey_exclamation:

More important for tacticsoft is, to hide the % chances from boxes, to let ALL players in the dark about, so the players waste tons of real money :exclamation:

Compare these 2 things … and some moderators are wondering WHY we are negative about tacticsoft :grey_exclamation:


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Too much cocaine can make you high

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Zark is constantly high all the time so I guess he knows best.

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