How important is it to use an old account?

Hi, I recently saw the email about the big new updates and came to play some BD again.

Small problem though, I kinda forgot my username and password! XD I literally had no idea, since at the time of my first playing around a year ago I had a bunch of login problems for a while, what with the awkward interaction between the old forums and the game etc, so I ended up really cluttering my mind with all the different logins and stuff since half didn’t work etc.

Well I remember buying some tokens at some point, but I’m pretty sure I spent them all back then so I’m not to bothered about that aspect of keeping an old account, but rather I’m more worried about the effects it’ll have on my viability to join alliances.

Without my achievements to back me up will any alliance take me seriously, or do I need to try and slog through some solos (definitely not my strong point) until I get good enough to garner some notice and can then join an alliance game w/out getting overthrown and used as an exp farm?

Also I feel like I should take this opportunity to make my useername the same as for the forums haha.

So yeah, thoughts and feelings?

Did you try the “Forgot Password” function to change the password to one you might remember?

It doesn’t matter much honestly, I’ve never met a good player who looks at achievements when recruiting

Well unfortunately if you haven’t built a name for yourself than it might be a challenge, but that’s because a big part of BD is name recognition and weight. I mean when most people see me in an era they go “gg ez”

There are lots of ways you can be picked up/pick people up. Enter the community and prove you’re active and after awhile I’m sure you can get into a team.

To be fair Carter, just asking nicely to someone with influence usually helps.

Not sure about you, but personally I never say no to giving someone a chance to prove they’re worth it.

I’ve picked up a few people off the forums, but I want to take a break from the game for a bit (despite the new update hype :disappointed_relieved:)

Idk about influence, but hey ask me nicely and I can probably get u a team. XD

Jk lol, if u really don’t have any contacts just pm me and I can maybe get u a team.

Skype : sourabh.sharma494

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can u get me on a team boss ive been looking for a team for ages

Eh, message me and I will try to get you one, don’t expect to get one instantly, but yeah sooner or later

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You are welcome to come and play along with us if you want. New, old player doesnt matter as long as you are active. Be warned tho, many a people hate us - cause they aint us :slight_smile:

Ah, “activity.” No wonder psi has never invited me to play with him :confused: atleast antrax still loves me

Thought you quit BD awhile back Uchi

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What up G! This game is impossible to quit, whether its JW, trolling, or even just semi active haha. I’m sure everyone here as tried at some point. Can’t get enough of that SGC/TmoK salt raining