How i suppose to beat this guy ? Not fair part #2


How i suppose to beat this guy, or i just meant to be hammer by this guy’s. so they can easily ladder up and i stay where i am. consecutively lost 5 bout against 2k hp variant build.

Not fair

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It’s just the messed up ladder system, it’ll even out sooner or later. Besides, this guy most likely was on the verge of Rank 2, so you kinda just got unlucky.


Not just 1 not just 2 it was 5 bout one after another against 2k bots.


You’re supposed to lose against them.

This game is not meant to be fair, it’s just meant to take the players’ money away, without paying attention to any sort of actual balance between free and paying players.


Of course it´s unfair. And it´s more unfair even when they are cheaters. Although this may not be the case (I don´t know who is) …

Each time I become more convinced that this does not happen by chance, but that it has the purpose of encouraging people to buy. I cannot find another coherent explanation about the difference (and that they do not want to fix), between a player who has myth HP plates or myth resistance and a player who only has epic modules. Or that the cheaters are allowed to walk around the game as if they were lords and that nothing is done to prevent it.


I usually throw something at them so no perfect score then, shut engine down after that. that way i get the loss reward. but thats still bs


I can beat a guy with 1,500 health
I have 1,000
I’ll show proof IF I need too…


This dude has 537 more health and I still win… I can make even more proof !

This Image right here is a prime example of HP not being that important.


and I still win…
I still win…
I win…


what do you even mean?


funny thing if u do 2v2s at 10:00 PM in american time you can actually face rank 10-6


not all of us are as powerful as you

u need me to explain further or do u get the point?


no I don’t understand what you are saying, explain.


in a video game called super mechs otherwise known as the pay to win game there is a player known as Dwightx currently on a page that belongs to super mechs called the forums or the Tacticsoft community. The player Dwightx (currently the sentient being that i am speaking to) has inquired that i explain my recent statement regarding the situation/incident concerning beating a different player even though they have a high amount of hp. hp stands for health points. Health or vitality is an attribute assigned to entities, such as the player character, enemies and objects within a role-playing or video game, that indicates its state in combat. Health is usually measured in hit points or health points, shortened to HP. I replied to the player known as Dwightx (the sentient being that i am speaking with) stating that not all of us have the firepower (the huge amount of power that you are firing out of an object that a blast projectiles out of it) of a god (the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.) so basically what i am stating is that the player known as Dwightx is so powerful almost nobody can compete with that of them or their firepower.


btw shoutout to my boi Orochi


Well Spoken I Understand Now.


I’ve beaten mechs with 1,500 + hp and I only have 750 hp. Must be lucky


lol :two_hearts: :heartbeat:


does he/she have mythicals, thats usually the problem



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