How Hard Is it to add a Color Slider?


I am curious how hard is adding a color slider - @Tacticsoft

I would pay 100 Tokens for access in game - and paypal the devs the money for actually doing the programming .


It’s not hard, it’s just time-consuming and laborious, mostly because we don’t actually need it and there are other reasons too, it would “consume” much more of the server than a simple color kit.


I do sincerely appreciate your input/response…
However - the point is I Want It and willing to pay with in reason .

As a Project Manager - I have Questions - Can we identify the cost?



How about 100 USD?


As just an user, I am not in a position to say values.

We can only invite @Mohadib and @Sarah247 and hope they will answer.


They don’t want to .



i would think its a $$$ easy for us vain types


probably because they think our actual color kits are the best
i want a violet mech!
it wouldnt be hard to add this to the customize section
as “customized color” on adition to the actual color kits for 100 tokens
but u know
maybe they just think “meh is only the gold mine x battledawn why we should hear em”
(yes, i giveup with the game some weeks ago other things worth my money)


I want tiger stripes!


I want bunny ears for my unicorn


hell if TS have readed my old post of color kits modify we could get em x the actual price
but nope is greedysoft