How exactly rare is Abomination?


Without plat plates thats shet .-.


Monkey torso can fill in for plates


I need that ape on my life .-. (?)


its pretty rare to get but i recently got it on my alt


Should i buy that white paint?? :OOOOO
would love to try it on my energay mecc


I used white paint when I was rank 4


lmao ur not p2w so those tokens are helpful for u so i wont buy the paint


Raid tokens :)))))))
and…i m a free2pay player

maybe after my complete my build


lol ik ur a f2p i said ur not a p2w but its up to u man if u want to buy the paint or not


I’ve gotten 1 abomination but no plates
Dont refer to the items people get mate.It’s completely random


I’ve got 1 Abomination and 2 Platinum Plates :yum:

:muscle: flex

Plus 2 Maximum Protector just to Flex on you :yum:

Yet you are better…


Gimme gimme Max prot