How E3 was? ICEMAN vs PLO



Here e3 is ended! And ICEMAN won anyhow PLO team was able to make it bc’s of Admin Tom unfair actions regarding relics unreachable.
but the era was so special ICEMAN start playing at 1k ticks and he killed PLO team … Really gr8 era :slight_smile:

How u think about that?


ahahah rana noob payed reds to write this so funny :laughing: this kid actually thinks they killed a single army of ours :laughing: and that they get 1st please learn English before writing another world rana don’t worry you will never win a era :slight_smile: u mention unfair actions? we were forced to send relics to land you idiot :joy: also Icekid was placed all era ur just dumb in the head :slight_smile:


now now Nopy dont be acting all hard cos you won with papa PLO, forced to send relics to land? oh yeah totally because everyone else didnt see that relics got moved close to AA with protection and got moved right back to the middle of the ocean.


you cry to much kid :wink:


You mention that he should learn English before writing.

Maybe you should do the same, well actually you might find it better to improve your grammar. I found it incredibly tough to read and comprehend what you posted compared to what the OP posted.
You should consider what you’re posting before insulting others it’s really downright rude.

I have no interest in the era or its outcome, just didn’t like how you insulted someone especially considering how you wrote and structured what you posted.


I don’t recall ICEMAN’s team killing PLO’s team.

I’d like to see BRs :stuck_out_tongue:


You say that but everyone knows how much you and papa PLO cried to the admins “kid” :wink: although I didn’t play the era so why would I cry? XD


Damn Keen you shouldnt point it out, the almighty Nopy master of chess and winner of most eras after Ourania with 40+ wins will hunt you down, the guy’s a joke don’t bother with him :joy:


Nopy …

Really I think u forget about yourself … u are the noob who begs for wins! And about my English it is not ur matter to think … it will be better to focus on urself first …

And let me remind u last f2 era 72 ( I was ur leader and u beg for the medal … then I have given u!

And u asking for BR in e3 take a look here (

First, i was thinking there are some ppl who are cheapest in BD but they don’t any compare against you!

U suck PLO ass very well in e3 that gr8 job! Nopy the useless, cheapest, bootlicker! :smiley:

I think u are finding new boots for licking here? find anyone?



But my fault … my English is not well bc’s I was have left my school for 3-4 yrs but I don’t mind … English is not my 1st language! :smiley:


BTW he was with us and stabbed us for reds if youre taking his side :slight_smile:


Yea … like that, u got reds for PLO for f3!

Shame on u … u suck ass for reds!

How f3 is going? I think u need suck SGC too maybe then they will be ready for NAP?

I heard u suck 4E also now they are helping u?

Gr8 u sucking well maybe this will lead u to many wins (rofl)


Thats called diplo kid :slight_smile:
And no why would PLO give me reds for f3 you on crack?:smirk:

Well i found you on f3 (although your title clearly says E3) and i saw ur state in f3 as well maybe ice will come and save you again:joy:


proof I actually didn’t even give a shit about the era or a noob little medal u kid and for that br I was off near 2 days didn’t even bother moving off the front I actually studied unlucky you :slight_smile: I have a life kid


OnePiece aka Arryan did u cracked?

Kid … I don’t depend on others … I depend on myself … I don’t beg ppl to join me and I never suck anyone asses … but i can see u doing a lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


"Relics, crystals, and wreckages are often the most sought-after items in Battledawn. All items can give bonuses to the individual colony (crystals & wreckages) or an entire alliance (relics). However, the main difference is that relics allow you to win the game. "
"Relics are mobile, floating outposts which can be moved around the world by the owner. The objective of Battle Dawn is to collect all ten relics on a world. "
-Battledawn Wikia. Stated twice.
We still didnt win, huh Rana?


lol stabbing for reds is actually against the rules, you can stab for a friend but if you’re fighting for someone because you got paid reds im pretty sure thats illegal @Alexander correct me if i’m wrong


your a complete reds troll and a waste of time how did you become so dumb :octopus: :skull_crossbones:


Nopy …

If u showing that f2 stuffs ofc I have many things to show but its E3 not f2 … And if u have guts show whole chat … let me again remind u … u are fighting to get the top 3rd medal! I am not stabber or bootlicker like u … as the leader, I won’t let happen my 2 members fighting for ranks. Seriously u was lucky that we asked u … u know no one gives free blues and top 3rd medal for those who don’t work for that … I was said u I am the man on words … u even saying to backstabbed Blake bc’s he attacked us in e3 … u was building for the medal and our rest team is helping blake to resources feeding. no team playing at all and then something going against Blake and u was the making plot against ur team … U was crying that I will kick u but I won’t then u starting doing kid pieces of stuff …

See this ( My team was saying that u making a plot against us but I don’t trust them now I can see what u really are!

And btw guys … Nopy is not a boy! She is a 12-year-old girl playing around here :slight_smile: U can tell easily :wink: LOL!!!


Who are u kid?

Don’t tell me ur IGN is “Nightsnare” and ur skype is “Alexander Lacombe” That noob never won! This is may his first era where he gets 3k blues I can understand how u feel then u get 1st time 3k blues.

And about that 10 capture relics … I can guess u guys made Tom add on ur skype group and beg him for 3k blues how cheap … btw? u only know how to chit chat or got skills to be a normal player?