How does this raffle thing work?

So what I was wondering, HOW DOES THIS RAFFLE THING WORK. I DON’T GET HOW IT WORKS. Is it by like, the more tokens you get the more points you have or something.

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you buy premium boxes to get a entries

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Is that like a "random choosing thing"
Because if I have to buy a premium box that is bull crap.

I think that:
More packs you buy more chance to win.
If all players will buy 10000 boxes and you buy 100 your chance is 1% but there are 10 platings so your chance will be ABOUT 10%
I said about bcs we don’t really know how it work.

Another option I see that you have entries to enter one of 10 draws. 10 draws for 1 playing each.
Then I think that if you have 3 entries and I have 4 then we both have same chance in first 3 draws, then you are out of entries and I have chance in 4th draw.

This is how it works:
If you’re a top payer then you’ll get a plate.
If you’re a free player than you can just go cry in a corner like most of us.

Actually,it’s like a wheel.Every prem box/pack gives 1 chance.Spin the wheel,and whoever has the luck for the wheel to stop on their chance/card/name wind a plate.More boxes-more chances.

Sounds about right (unfortunately). :roll_eyes:

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I didn’t even buy it yet…

prem box = 1 raffle
prem pack = 5 raffle

They (assumption on randomly) randomly pick 10 raffles and their owners get the plates.

thats 10/ ∞

The odds dont work that way.
SImplify it to 1 entry out of 100 entry, and somebody cant be picked twice. First pick is 1%, or 1/100.
Second pick is 1/99 or 1.0101 repeating%
Third is 1/98 or around 1.02%
Fourth is 1/97 or around 1.03%
Largest chance youll get is about 1.1%
Chances are much lower :frowning:

;-; But I really want the plat platings though… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I don’t understand why people are complaining
They can’t just run their servers for free, and besides, its a raffle were we all have a chance to get a good item

Yeah…But you have to pay for a chance.That’s why the people that spend hundreds of bucks will most definitely get the plates…

Does premium boxes from when you complete and area in insane count?

And then it’s like a newbie who bought their starter premium pack wins the plate.

i bought 5 so what chance is that

if you buy the most boxes in two days, meaning you bring the most funds to the game, you get a plate

Actually, I think it is a entry thing. Where the more entries you have, the more chance you have of getting chosen.

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but it is randomly chosen

beautiful story, but I’m sorry to say, we live in reality, it’s like I said

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This is correct, this is how raffles go